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Kara Prunty

I am Kara Prunty and I am one of the Paralegals at Lowry Veterans Law Ltd. I live life very caffeine-dependent and snack-driven with some hiking, four wheeling, and kayaking in between. My husband, of 22 years, is a USMC (0311) Veteran. We have three teenagers, a very needy Yellow Lab, and an outspoken Bengal cat living in our home. My husband and I met when we were still teens ourselves, with two and a half years remaining of his Marine Corps enlistment. We eloped only a year after meeting so we could “live together”. Needless to say, most of that 2.5 years would be spent apart due to his two 7 month long overseas deployments and a few other short term assignments. I did get to take a trip, at the ripe age of 18, to see him in Tokyo, Japan in order to attend the USMC Ball- which was SO awesome! We lived in Williamsburg, Virginia and Kailua, HI prior to his EOS when we moved to his home state of South Dakota. With me being a Colorado girl, that only lasted three years before I couldn’t take all the corn, beans, and Eastern SD flat lands anymore. :) I convinced him to move to my home state of Colorado in 2006 with our one year old daughter in tow. We had our two boys shortly thereafter. I spent the last 8 years working as a Kindergarten Paraprofessional and I enjoyed every minute of it! I recently decided to pursue a different career path, working in the interest of Veterans. I’m really excited to be at Lowry Veterans Law Ltd! 

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