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Who is Bud?

Who is Bud? Many law firms use the generic “hello@” or “info@” email addresses for general inquiries and case screening. I thought using for our screening email address was a cool way to keep the spirit and memory alive of my late Grandpa (Bud) Granaman. I (Timothy Franklin) love him to death and while pursuing this career path, I realized had I been a bit older when he got sick, I could have gotten him service-connected for emphysema, the disease that took him from our family.  He painted the naval ships and had an in-service event, a currently diagnosed condition, and a nexus to service. He received great care at the VA and was poor, so most of the gifts I received from him were donations from various groups at the VA Hospitals in Colorado and Iowa. The pictures are of him are from his time in WWII. I asked my mom, Bud’s only daughter, to write a short bio on him, which follows.


From Tim’s mom: Willard Omar Russell Granaman (Bud) was born April 9, 1914, in Sperry, Iowa, to Elijah and Beta (who immigrated from Sweden.) After serving in World War 1, Elijah came home to Iowa to farm. Bud helped him until 1942 when he enlisted in the Navy. After boot camp in Chicago, he was stationed on the USS Barnes at Pearl Harbor (after the attack.) Bud made it to Chief Petty Officer and painted the aircraft on the carriers. When he retired from the Navy, he went to Los Angeles and had a career painting custom cars and production painting for AMC. On December 19, 1988, Bud passed away. He left two daughters and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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