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Increased Ratings

What are Increased Rating Claims?

In the realm of VA (Veterans Affairs) disability compensation, an "increased rating" claim is one where a veteran already receives disability compensation for a particular condition but believes that the severity of their condition has worsened. By filing an increased rating claim, the veteran seeks a higher percentage of disability, which can lead to a larger monthly compensation payment.

How Does the VA Use Its Rating Code/Schedule?

The VA determines the extent of a veteran's disability through its "rating schedule" or "rating code." This schedule is a comprehensive list of medical conditions and injuries with associated percentage ratings. These percentages represent how much the disability decreases the veteran's ability to work, with 0% indicating no impairment and 100% indicating total impairment.

When assessing an increased rating claim, the VA will evaluate the current severity of the veteran's condition to this schedule. Medical evidence, such as doctor's reports, diagnostic tests, and hospital records, are paramount in this evaluation. If the evidence demonstrates that the condition has deteriorated since the last rating decision, the VA can assign a higher percentage rating, leading to increased compensation.

The Importance of Accredited Representation

While veterans can navigate the VA claims process independently, the complexity of the system and the nuances of the rating schedule make it beneficial to have expert assistance. Accredited representation, like the team at Lowry Veterans Law Ltd, ensures that veterans have advocates who:

1.  Understand the intricacies of the VA rating system and can effectively argue for the correct and deserved rating.

2.  Stay updated on the ever-evolving VA laws, regulations, and policies.

3.  Aid in gathering critical evidence, ensuring a comprehensive and well-documented claim.

4.  Offer guidance throughout the appeals process if the VA denies the claim or assigns a lower rating than expected.

In conclusion, while the VA compensation system aims to support veterans, navigating its intricacies can be daunting. With the dedicated representation of Lowry Veterans Law Ltd, veterans can confidently pursue increased rating claims, ensuring they receive the compensation they rightfully deserve.

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