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C-File Scrub

C-File Scrub for Hidden Retroactive Money

What is a Lowry Veterans Law Ltd. C-File Scrub?

The C-File Scrub is our exhaustive review of your complete VA claim file. Within 90 days of engaging our services, we:

  • Access Your VA Claims File: We utilize our secure VA portal (VBMS) to retrieve an up-to-date complete copy of your VA claims file. Everything the VA has, we have. We can also share this with you so you can have a full copy of your claims file without making a FOIA request. 

  • We Uncover Every Argument for More Retroactive Money. Our accredited attorneys meticulously examine your file for a range of overlooked or mishandled elements, including:

  • Clear and Unmistakable Errors (CUE Claims): Identifying any undeniable errors in the VA's previous decision-making process.

  • Ignored or Prematurely Closed Appeals: Bringing attention to appeals and claims that the VA did not properly adjudicate.

  • Unrecognized or Ignored Notices of Disagreements (NOD): Ensuring that every disagreement with a VA decision is acknowledged and addressed.

  • Maximize Your Compensation: The goal of our C-File Scrub is to leave no stone unturned in pursuing every avenue to increase your retroactive compensation. We look for money you and the VA didn't even know existed. 

Beyond Standard Reviews by Other Law Firms and Agents

Our C-File Scrub goes beyond a standard file review. We recognize that many veterans have yet to explore avenues for compensation due to the complexity of VA processes. For instance, if you received a VA decision but didn't appeal it yet continued to receive VA healthcare, this might indicate an open claim. We explore these unique scenarios to bolster your entitlements.

Get Started with Our C-File Scrub Service

If you're a veteran struggling with VA claims or believe there are unexplored aspects of your claim, Lowry Veteran Law Ltd. is here to help. Our C-File Scrub service uncovers and fixes VA oversights, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

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