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What is VA compensation and who is eligible for it?

VA compensation is a tax-free benefit for Veterans with disabilities linked to their military service. Eligibility is determined based on disability severity and service records. Navigating this can be complex; our team at Lowry Veterans Law is here to guide you.

You can apply online, by mail, or better yet, with the seasoned expertise of a Lowry Veterans Law representative. We ensure your application is comprehensive and strong.

Certainly! With the right legal guidance, like that offered at Lowry Veterans Law, you can leverage Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payments (CRDP) to maximize your benefits.

Service-connected disabilities are directly related to military service, whereas non-service connected ones aren't. Unsure where you stand? Allow Lowry Veterans Law to clarify the distinctions for you.

It often takes several months, but each case varies. Stay updated with real-time insights into your claim's status with Lowry Veterans Law by your side.

Appeal it. Every veteran deserves a fair review. Let Lowry Veterans Law champion your case, ensuring that your voice is heard and rights are protected.

Compensation is based on disability severity, expressed as a percentage. Lowry Veterans Law can help ensure that you receive an accurate and fair assessment.

A C&P Exam evaluates a veteran’s disabilities to determine their connection to service and their severity. For optimal preparation and understanding, consult the experts at Lowry Veterans Law.

Absolutely. With Lowry Veterans Law, you benefit from our vast experience, ensuring a smoother claims process and maximizing your compensation potential.

At Lowry Veterans Law, we operate on a contingency basis – meaning we're compensated only when you win. Our fees are a percentage of the backpay you receive, ensuring that your victory is our victory.

Yes. If your disability has intensified or if you've acquired new service-related disabilities, Lowry Veterans Law can guide you through the process to adjust your rating.

Remember, your service deserves the best legal support. Reach out to Lowry Veterans Law for expert guidance every step of the way.

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